Wearing Vivienne Westwood makes you the queen of the beach

As more and more hot weather changes, really do not want to spend more than one second in the London big steaming stove, if you ask most want to go where it is, I believe most people will be out of the mouth, the beach! Yes, here solemnly announced that wearing the Vivienne Westwood shoes in the active beach season comes once a year.

On the beach this romantic comfortable summer resort, gathered in the all corners of the country numerous beautiful body, the shining white legs who let people watering for a snatch, how in the contests of the flower stand out is not easy, especially most of the girls did not actually two meters long legs, must rely on the equipment to help. So before you buy, and slim fit is a pressing matter of the moment Vivienne Westwood Online Shop stylish swimsuit!

Recommend Vivienne Westwood  three point type

Undeniable is that since 1947 bikini pop open, it will become a helpmate in all types of swimsuit in a ceiling eye No.1. This hot bikinis to maximize the exposed a woman the most beautiful body parts, refused to want to welcome the temptation is Hao not less than naked effect of, and in addition to the good figure, I think to manage a bikini most in need is confidence. Want to attract more attention? That should be in your flowers on a number of carefully to take care of myself, to see how the stars are how to choose it.
Spicy model Brugman Devin and Australian Fashion blogger Oakley Natasha along the beach resort, Brugman Devin select the three point bikini perfect show a proud figure.

One-Piece Swimsuit

Not so exposed one-piece swimsuit relatively hot bikini more a little retro flavor, shop discount vivienne westwood online uk one-piece bathing suit with the women wear always like old pictorial time beauty, dignified and conservative, but it can amaze years. However, now the body is a style of swimming suit, in the retro flavor on the basis of a more integrated into the sexy and even wild, both classical style and modern atmosphere, for a lot of people love.
Lau Susie wear this print swimsuit from vivienne westwood sale, color close to skin color, abstract printing pattern is very modern, but also with a little cute. Sunglasses from Prada.
Thin blouse

Swimsuit sexy enough enough suction eye, but when sun super diabolical roast down, when the evening breeze a burst of blowing over, believe me, you absolutely can not be separated from a Vivienne Westwood UK Store blouse. Sun, warm, anti exposure, and every move is also a flicker of light feeling is extremely charming.

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Westwood Vivienne – “let’s go to hell.””!



Vivienne Westwood clothing is her pursuit of such an idea, rudely against the prevailing social and political, and resist the traditional program clothing. Her clothes often make the wearer looks like by following the massacre a group of victims, but like soul get happiness, fulfillment of the martyrs.
1996 in Milan, “the queen mother” the first men’s show began, and the name of the men’s line named “Men”. In this season, the “Queen Mother” continued her love for knitting. Deconstruction of “mosaic” matching way, the letter “I o u” T-shirt imprint. She advocates “underwear and pants” rebellious ideas.

Tired of the older generation, the young people are tired of their obedience, and for the new generation of young people, there is no fear at all. It’s like “Empress Dowager” style, she said: “change and technology is now by flow trend, but machines in factories and plants we need have a limit, because if you don’t do this, everything will look the same, want to replica of the eye, and from it you will lose your own unique style.”
This season,vivienne westwood sale the color dress sleeveless design reflects the design idea of “no sex”. And her famous love pattern. The arm on both sides of the “cuff” design similar to the ladies in the palace noble and elegant long sleeved gloves, clothing material.

vivienne westwood outlet A large number of knitting sweaters on the chest is also knitting design letters IOU”. Punk style T-shirt is also reflected in the head. “Decadence” and “deviant” these words to describe the excessive.

Details of the male organs as a decorative design, can reflect the “West Queen Mother” to the traditional concept of protest. Perhaps this is also a time to have her and her ex husband McClare to “SEX” named clothing store, a kind of memory.

vivienne westwood UK In accessories and details, British style black and white plaid design, plant printing 13 holes Martin boots, models were painted nails, fluffy blindfold hairstyle, once again to the 1970s 80 years of the Beatles, the music and the trend of the sex pistols tribute and continuity.

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